Exterior woodwork

including fascia, trim boards, exterior mouldings.

Interior woodwork

including trim, crown backer, and baseboard.

Sidings and claddings

including bevel, edge and center bead.

Exterior doors

including frames, stiles, rails, sill substrate, mouldings.

Window components
and mouldings

casement sash, sash jambs.

Solid wood exterior trim providing peace of mind, for a lifetime

LIFESPAN® SOLID SELECT is a premium solid wood exterior trim product – offering a superior clean finish, outstanding performance, and the benefits of real wood.

warranty Limited lifetime warranty cleargrade Clear grade lumber – no finger-joints or knots durability Superior durability against rot, fungal attack and insects
resistanceResists corrosion to nails and fastenings fscFSC® Certified – environmentally responsible waterresistanceSuperior water resistance
termitesLong-term termite protection realwoodReal wood – a pleasure to work with epaapprovedActive ingredients registered with EPA

The advantages are clear

Sourced from New Zealand’s renowned radiata pine forests, LIFESPAN® SOLID SELECT is made from only the highest quality, long-length clear boards. This superior product features an EPA-approved non-metallic preservative that protects against rot, fungal attack and insects (including termites). It also offers superior moisture resistance – with a proprietary water repellant system, and two coats of alkyd primer. This proven protection is backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

Combining outstanding durability with the beauty of real wood, LIFESPAN® SOLID SELECT is the choice for a lifetime.