About Us

Taupo Wood Solutions is the USA domiciled sales and marketing Division of Tenon Clearwood Limited Partnership (www.tenonclearwood.com). Taupo Wood Solutions distributes its clear boards, mouldings, LIFESPAN products, and lumber to the North American market through its proven and completely integrated supply chain.

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Other products

Other Fletcher Select appearance grade pine products that are supplied to the US market include:


Our Fletcher Select solid lineal mouldings are made from beautiful radiata pine.  We provide WM-series moulding profiles, and can also customize our knives to fit your specific needs.

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New Zealand has a long history of pruning radiata pine, which enables Tenon Clearwood to provide a reliable supply of wide clear boards (4/4 x 2 through 4/4 x 12) in long lengths (4’-16’). Fletcher Select boards are all FSC-certified and exceed WWPA (Western Wood Products Association) grading standards for C & Better.

With Fletcher Select boards, you are guaranteed: 

  • No wane 
  • One clear face and two clear edges 
  • Almost defect-free back face

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For further information on Tenon Clearwood LP see: www.tenonclearwood.com


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Taupo Wood Solutions
PO Box 3289
Maryland 21228
Phone 443-433-3322