LIFESPAN SOLID SELECT products are suitable for interior and all exterior above ground use classes (American Wood Protection Association UC3A and UC3B). The limited lifetime warranty against fungal decay and insects is null and void if the LIFESPAN SOLID SELECT product is used in contact with the ground, is used within 6” of the ground, or is used in conditions of prolonged water entrapment.

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LIFESPAN SOLID SELECT products should be installed in accordance with the normal industry standards. Proper application and nailing practices are essential for maximizing the performance and appearance of LIFESPAN SOLID SELECT.

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Trimming, cutting and sealing requirements

Because LIFESPAN SOLID SELECT boards and mouldings are made from solid clear lengths of New Zealand grown radiata and free of heartwood, the pressure treatment (preservative process) penetrates 100% through every piece. Accordingly, no site application of a preservative to cut ends or rips is required.


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Timber building products and exterior joinery are not normally glued onsite, but if the occasion should arise any standard wood glue - with the exception of casein containing glues - may be used with LIFESPAN SOLID SELECT products.

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Putties, mastics, sealants

Thoroughly caulk all joints, including butt joints, and where trim meets siding and other details. Putties, mastics and sealers should be compatible with alkyd (oil-based) paints to be suitable for use with LIFESPAN SOLID SELECT. The relevant manufacturer’s advice should be sought, e.g. Sika, Dow, and Master Builders.



LIFESPAN SOLID SELECT should be over coated within two months (60 days) of first installation, or up to 12 months (365 days) if the primer is assessed and given a light sand to remove surface oxidation if this is found to be present.

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Resin bleed

LIFESPAN SOLID SELECT is treated with our patented additive CODIL™.  CODIL™, is extremely effective in stabilizing resin and eliminating resin bleed regardless of application.  However, it is recommended that LIFESPAN SOLID SELECT be painted in light colours (Light Reflectance Value (LRV) greater than 40%) as hot/sheltered conditions with dark colors are more susceptible to resin bleed.   In any rare instance of resin bleed, it may be repaired by sanding back and spot priming with a stain and bleed sealer.



Prior to installation, and pending top coating with paint, LIFESPAN SOLID SELECT should be protected from direct sunlight, dirt and other elements. LIFESPAN SOLID SELECT needs to be stored in a dry location, not directly on the ground, preferably on bearers protected with a waterproof cover. However, allow air circulation from beneath to allow the product to acclimatize (LIFESPAN SOLID SELECT packets are wrapped on four sides and top, leaving the bottom unwrapped). Do not completely seal the bundle.



Properly clean up and dispose of all sawdust and off-cuts after construction by ordinary trash collection.


Health and safety

LIFESPAN SOLID SELECT is safe to use and is suitable for both interior and exterior applications. The active ingredients in the organic treatment are in total less than 0.1%, significantly lower than most other treatment alternatives. However, even though adverse effects on the user of LIFESPAN SOLID SELECT products are extremely unlikely, it is not always possible to anticipate an individual’s sensitivity to the chemicals used. It is important, therefore, to take sensible precautions to minimize exposure to these chemicals when working with LIFESPAN SOLID SELECT.


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