Limited lifetime warranty against fungal decay and insect attack

The LIFESPAN SOLID SELECT range of treated wood products is supported by a limited lifetime warranty for protection against fungal decay and insect attack. Where any LIFESPAN SOLID SELECT product used in the appropriate application becomes structurally or functionally unserviceable during the lifetime of the original consumer purchaser due to fungal decay or insect attack, then replacement of the material will be provided by the manufacturer.

This Warranty is limited to the original consumer purchaser or “first owners”. The manufacturer’s liability under this Warranty is limited to the replacement cost of the defective LIFESPAN SOLID SELECT product only. It does not include any other costs including freight, labor costs, finishing costs, consequential damages, incidental damages, or special damages arising directly or indirectly from the LIFESPAN SOLID SELECT product, however caused.

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Limited 12-month primer warranty

The LIFESPAN SOLID SELECT range of exterior timber products are further protected by two coats of machine applied PPG alkyd primer. Alkyd primers are more resistant to moisture penetration and are particularly suited to coastal environments. Although it is recommended that LIFESPAN SOLID SELECT products have the finishing top coat paint system applied as soon as practicable after installation, the primer’s durability is guaranteed for a period of twelve months following installation and exposure to the elements.

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Paint System Limited Warranty

In addition to the limited 12-month warranty offered on the primer system, where top coats manufactured by PPG Industries are applied to LIFESPAN SOLID SELECT wood products, an additional warranty is available.

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